The development of Organo Gold Coffee culture

Organo Gold Coffee contains a unique ingredient known as Ganoderma Lucidam which is a special herb that has been used in ancient Japan, China and other places for health benefits. The special ingredient is added to Organo Gold Coffee to help in the introduction of the healthy herb to many regions around the world.

Organo Gold was launched in 2008 by Bernardo Chuo who is the current CEO. Organo Gold markets its products through sales agents recruited through network marketing. Today, the company sells a variety of teas, coffee, and other value-added products. Organo Gold Coffee was originally produced in Vancouver with the aim of introducing the Ganoderma, a herb that was utilized in Asia as medicine by mixing it with other beverages. Organo Gold Coffee was created just after the perfection of the OG blend.

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A few months after the launch of the Organo Gold Coffee, more products were developed including the premium tea and organic coffee pre-brew line. Mr. Chua decided to infuse the Ganoderma in many routinely used products in the market so that it can be easy for the product to become part of individuals daily routine. Organo Gold has expanded its market, and it sells its product through its distributor network and direct sales on their retail website.

The Organo Gold Coffee has been expanding its market around the world, and now the company is present in over 50 countries. This indicates that the Organo Gold products are good and have good distribution methods and efficient sales teams. The coffee culture has been evolving in Portland where a majority of the coffee shop owners roast their beans and order a barrister to prepare it for the clients. In San Francisco, the coffee culture is enveloped in mystery, and the third- wave coffee shops have replaced the chain coffee stores.