The Journey of Louis Chenevert, Former UTC CEO

There is nothing that boosts our drive in work as a history of a successful investor. This is because they have gone through the challenges we may currently be facing. Reading their chronicles, helps us avoid some of the mistakes they did. Their stories also give an idea of what problems we may face and their solution. The other important lesson we learn is the strategies they apply in their businesses. Louis Chenevert is among the world’s most influential men.

Louis Chenevert has been successful in most of the businesses he has conducted. The highest peak of his career was, however, as the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Here he made a significant difference that is revisited every day. Louis led to the high ranking of the corporation. UTC is a company that researches on high technology and innovation. The company, therefore, needs a competent CEO.

Fortunately, Louis was well prepared for the position. He has a bachelor’s degree in Production Management. Louis never wanted this knowledge go into the drain. When he got a chance in General Motors, he was given a chance to work as their Production Manager. He worked in General Motors for 14 years. In 1993, he got a job with Pratt & Whitney, which is an aircraft engine manufacturer. There was a significant difference in the unit’s performance. His efforts led him to be promoted to the President of Pratt and Whitney. The promotion was after six years in the company. In 2006, he was nominated as the CEO of UTC.

Louis said that he was able to make the difference that he made my being creative. Louis Chenevert also led UTC to invest in future technology. He believed that this was a great strategy to ensure that the economy of the United States was safe.

Louis Chenevert also noted the high levels of global warming. He took a measure by reducing the consumption of water and emission of greenhouse gasses. By so doing, the products of the firm would sell across the world because they were environmentally friendly. Louis encouraged other companies to take the same step.

The legacy Louis Chenevert left at UTC will forever be remembered and honored. The firm is still reaping from the efforts of his work.