He is one of the best lawyers you are likely to find in Brazil. Since 2006, he has made tremendous steps towards the growth of his advocacy career. He is a smart and intelligent lawyer who has been involved with some law firms for over ten years. He has continuously gained experience in his field and at the same time has taken the next step in establishing his private advocacy.

His advocacy career takes excellent shape from 2009 when he got a bachelor’s degree in law at Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. He later specialized in Administrative Law in 2012 from the same university. He then worked extra hard and in 2017; he was awarded a Master’s degree in Administrative State Law at the University of San Paulo.

For almost three years now, Bruno Fagali has been working as a Corporate Integrity Manager at the Nova/SB. He has a responsibility of overseeing the legal integrity of this organization held to the highest standards and ensuring the management of the legal risks. Apart from representing businesses, Bruno also represents individuals who feel that their rights have been violated.

The Fagali Advocacy is his private agency. It is run by highly qualified professionals on legal matters who are well informed about the various legal systems in the country. They can handle corporate law as well as individual law; public law and parliamentary law among others.

Any corporate is usually at risk of being penalized due to various legal systems the heads might not be aware of. The business will, therefore, require an advocate for the mitigation of the same. The advocate must be well informed about the country’s legal systems to be able to handle such matters.

Bruno Fagali is also a specialist of anti-corruption law. Brazilian constitution has an act known as the Clean Company Act. The organization will be held responsible for its staff behavior involving corruption.

The secret of survival and growth I any career path is keeping up with the trends. Bruno has kept up with the current trends in law, and usually, the Fagali Advocacy hold discussions on the latest news concerning law.

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