The New Face At Transunion

Heather Russell was recently hired on as Chief Legal Officer at Transunion. Heather Russell has worked in the area of law and financial services since 1997. She has tirelessly worked from her beginnings as a law clerk to her current role at Transunion. She is well versed in regulatory compliance, security, mergers and acquisitions, and including privacy, security, and FinTech which is an innovative process used in technology enhancements in financial literacy and education in retail banking and investments.

Heather Russell will report directly to Transunion’s President and CEO Jim Peck. She will also be serving on the Transunion’s Executive Committee. Mr. Peck stated that he believe that Heather will bring her terrific expertise and skills to Transunion which are highly relevant to Transunion.

Before coming aboard at Transunion Heather Russell was working for Buckley Sander, LLP, in this firm she worked on and was the leader of the firm’s financial regulation, supervision, and FinTech departments. Heather Russell has worked in many areas that include areas of law and also finances, such as Fifth Third Bank she was the Executive Vice President there as well as Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary. When she worked for Bank of New York Mellon Heather Russell was Head Office of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs. Her work in these areas make Heather an asset to Transunion’s workforce.

Heather Russell also is on the advisory board for National Women’s Law Center. She also is a vice-chair position at the Banking Law Committee, American Bar Association. Her education she obtained from The College of William and Mary where she received her bachelor of arts. Her continuing education was completed in 1997 at the American University, Washington College of Law.

Transunion is one of the three credit bureaus that work to help business,individuals, and corporations understand and manage risks in the financial area. They also help individuals manage their credit and work with entities to protect individuals and corporations data. Transunion works globally and nationally to help consumers and business’s alike with trends in the financial markets via historic data.

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