The Rags To Riches Real Estate Story Of Jim Toner

The world of real estate is packed with both the good guys and the bad guys. Determining the good ones and cutting your way through to success without being conned off hard earned money takes a lot of skill and preciseness. Jim Toner’s unique tale of rags to riches, back to rags and then to riches again, drives this fact about real estate home.

In one of his recent articles on the Medium, Jim Toner narrates how he was taught the said lesson about real estate the hard way. Having been in that arena for more than two decades, the man has seen and even gone through the worst that can happen to any individual in real estate, thereby making him stronger and wiser. In the article, Jim explains how after successfully reaching the top, he suddenly found himself at rock bottom after a nationally recognized real estate guru conned him and his clients off their hard earned money. Knowing how murky the waters in real estate can be and having been stuck in these waters himself, Jim Toner decided to call it quits and shifted his gears towards his other interest writing and also helping business people with unique marketing strategies such as celebrity positioning. It is during this period that Jim wrote a book titled, Send in the wolves which did pretty well as it became one of the best sellers on Amazon and even ranked number one.

However, one of his friends, a renowned world marketer gave him a wakeup call by convincing him that even though he had gone through a lot in real estate, stories like his are unique. Thanks to the ups and downs that he had been through, people would now perceive him as the real guru and not the fake guru like the one who had stolen money from him and his clients forcing him to shut down. It took a lot of convincing and finally, he was back in real estate but with a set of conditions. The first one was that he would choose the market in which they would operate and that instead of crossing boundaries, he would choose a local investor to run the program. He set this conditions because after what he had gone through, Jim Toner had learned the hard way that the only way to help people create returns through real estate investments is walking with them every step of the way.

In respect to that, according Jim Toner and his well-selected team began in some of the most undervalued markets in the country. They also took up someone who clients would identify with because he knew that even though books and tapes are of the essence, being part of a stable system is even more important to the investors and just like that, he managed to set up one of the best real estate investment firms in the country.

Since then he has never looked back, and today his number one priority is to create an even better one. In lieu to this, Jim Toner and his team go the extra mile by walking the talk and instead of asking them to buy anything, they close the deals themselves and let those who join them understand the process. In a nutshell, Jim Toner believes that even though the waters are murky as there are many bad guys, sometimes the good ones take the trophy home. View Toner’s accolades.

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