Tony Petrello: An Innovation Of His Time

Tony Petrello is the best thing that could ever happen to Nabors Industries. Tony began his career at the company in 2012. What’s the most interesting about Tony Petrello and his working relationship with Nabors Industries is that he holds three positions at once. He is president, chief executive officer, and the chairman of the board. It takes an intellectual individual to receive this type of honor. At the same time, there is no surprise that Tony Petrello is that man.

Tony’s contributions to the company has increased its competitiveness and enhanced its overall standing among other top energy companies. This accomplishment is only one of many in Tony Petrello’s life. Though Tony Petrello is a successful and wealthy man today, he was not born into wealth. He had humble beginnings in Newark, New Jersey. He even attended public county schools. However, it was no secret that Tony had mathematical abilities. His mind has been referred to as a sponge because of how quick he grasped anything that was thrown at him. At a young age, he was accepted to some of the most prestigious universities in the United States. He chose to go to Yale University where he earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in mathematics. He later went on to attend Harvard Law School. He received his Juris Doctor there. Then he started working for the Baker McKenzie law firm in New York City as attorney. All of his experience and education has made him a dominant force in the gas and oil industry.

Most of the Nabors Industries business functions consist of land and offshore drilling operations. The company owns the biggest land fleet in the entire world. The main values of Nabors Industries are innovation and excellence which make it the best company for Tony Petrello. Looking at all of his accomplishments, there is no denying that he is always on the move to break new barriers and create something that has never existed before. These are all things that make Tony the remarkable leader that he is. Tony’s knowledge of law gives him the ability to stay ahead of compliance problems. It keeps the corporation and the employees safe. His mathematical skills let him make financial decisions that are in favor of the company. No challenge is too big for Tony. He’s an expert negotiator who has built the enhanced the greatness of Nabors Industries and will continue to take it to the next level.

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