Victoria Doramus: A Successful Market and Trend Analyst

Global market trends are changing every day, and for businesses to succeed, it is important for them to track these changes and look deeper to identify what causes it to fluctuate. Individuals who are specializing in this type of job are called market analysts, and their main responsibility is to point out the changes in trends, and know why it happens. Changes in trends are important, especially for businesses because it gives them a chance to know what type of product is becoming a hit, allowing them to create their version of the product and join the craze. Victoria Doramus, a well-known market analyst, has been doing this job for years. She specializes in fashion and retail, and she shares the information about what is trending globally to her clients. Through this information sharing practice, fashion and retail businesses could adapt to the trend, and earn additional profit. Victoria Doramus works for several companies, and her stint in becoming a market analyst has given her the chance to show her skills to other people and landed her additional jobs from different companies that provide her with additional income.

Victoria Doramus never realized that she would be an in-demand market analyst in the future. When she was still in college at the University of Colorado Boulder, all she wanted to do was to showcase her talent in media. She took up a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication and hoped that she would be able to showcase her talent in reporting right after she graduated. However, her career took a different turn when she was invited to become an analyst instead. She would also get occasional jobs like being a freelance writer, a ghostwriter for popular publishing houses, a research assistant, and an art director.

Today, Victoria Doramus appears on several television shows across the United States. She speaks about the importance of identifying different market trends and shares her insight on how these trends could affect a business. She is also spending her time working with foundations and charities, hoping that her network of contacts could help her with assisting the organizations which she has been a part of.