Watch the Brand New Show Featuring Dr. David Samadi

     People of the United States and abroad may be interested in knowing about a brand new television show which is scheduled to begin in September on the Fox News channel. It features Dr. David Samadi and is called “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi.” This show will be broadcast live each week and will feature all sorts of health issues and medical-related stories. Perhaps the best part of the show will be in the pertinent treatment tips he and his myriad of guests will give each and every week.

In addition to airing on the Fox News channel, viewers can tune in on various social media outlets, on YouTube live, or on the good doctor’s own channel, A small sampling of topics that Dr. Samadi will talk about include diet, food and exercise, common diseases, women’s and men’s specific health issues, and up-to-date trending topics that relate to medicine. A staple of each show will be the opportunity for viewers to participate in the discussions. They can either email or phone in their questions. Those questions will be answered by the doctor himself or by his current guest. The guest will always be an expert in the topic discussed at that time. Not only is this television show bound to be interesting, it will also be extremely helpful to the public at large.

Join Dr. David Samadi and his wealth of prominent health experts each week, from 12:30 – 13:00 PM EST. In case anybody wishes to know, the show is to be broadcast live from New York City, New York, United States. One of his first guests will be Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D as the show enters into its live-stream phase, which is to be continued each week thereafter. Viewers can watch in amazement as routine health issues are presented in an exciting fashion, making it much easier to remember the information being taught. Do not miss this show!

Right about now you may be wondering what qualifies Dr. David Samadi to have his own show. This medical genius is well-known for his utilization of robotic surgery in the treatment of prostate cancer. He has revolutionized the prostate cancer world with this innovative type of surgery and patients have gone on to live happy lives free of the cancer. He is also a board certified urologist, focusing on the oncology aspect of this field. Dr. Samadi primarily operates out of the Lenox Hill Hospital and is an extremely prominent surgeon in the prostate cancer genre. Be sure to tune in to his show!