With AM PM Essentials, Jeunesse Global takes multivitamin market by storm

By the late 2000s, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were already two of the most famous figures in the North American direct-marketing industry. The inveterate couple had been behind the founding of more than a dozen of the most successful companies in the industry. They had acquired vast amounts of wealth as a result of their success and had continued to work simply for the love of creating new products and helping people to meet their financial and life goals.

But as Ray and Lewis approached their late 60s, they decided that they wanted to give retirement a shot. It didn’t take long, however, for the industrious pair to realize that doing so was a mistake. They founded Jeunesse Global as a means of passing the boredom of retirement. But before long, Ray and Lewis realized that they had another big winner on their hands.

From the start, Jeunesse Global was a different kind of company. Because they were wealthy enough to not be able to spend all of their money in multiple lifetimes, Ray and Lewis were not motivated by the prospect of getting richer. They were, however, deeply interested in creating a company that would serve as a life statement and a final masterstroke on the career of two of the most successful entrepreneurs in America.

This philosophy has been reflected in the highly innovative nature of the company’s products. One such example is Jeunesse Global’s multivitamin, AM PM Essentials. Designed from scratch, AM PM Essentials helps users stay at the top of their game during the day while allowing them to quickly wind down at night, getting a good night’s rest each night of the week.

AM Essentials contains a number of energy-boosting and critical ingredients such as vitamins A through F and guarana. PM Essentials is an all-natural formulation specially designed by Jeunesse Global researchers to help maximize the ability of people to wind down after a long and stressful workday. PM Essentials is the nemesis of insomnia, helping people get the rest they need to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go the following work day.